Cheryl Cole ‘Ditches Ashley For Good’

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Cheryl Cole has finally ruled out a reconciliation with her ex-husband Ashley, according to reports.
A friend told the Sunday Mirror the star felt she had exhausted all her options with the footballer and was ready to “cleanse” herself and start anew. “Cheryl finally made the decision that it’s all over,” the friend is quoted as saying. “She felt mentally drained from everything he put her through and she partly blames herself for letting him back into her life.

“She’s completely cut herself off from him to cleanse herself of him, including deleting his number from her phone.”

The source went on to describe the Promise This singer’s recent reunion with Ashley, where he was invited to her birthday party in July, as a “blip”. “What happened on the night of her party was a blip. Since then she’s taken time out again from him and now believes she was wrong. She can’t go back and try and right the wrongs of their marriage,” they said. “What’s done is done and she’s got her head straight and believes it’s time for a new Cheryl.”

In other news, the Geordie’s acting debut could end up on the cutting room floor. She recently filmed a cameo role in What To Expect When You’re Expecting, which also stars Cameron Diaz. But Chezza’s role is so small – she only has one line in the film – they reports state it could be could be cut from the film.

A source told Heat magazine: “Cheryl’s role means she gives judgment on Cameron’s performance. She only says, ‘Um, no’. But there’s talk even that could be cut. It’s not integral to the film, although everyone said she did a great job


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