☛ Why Do Hot Chics Go For DOUCHEBAGS?

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Hey man,
Many say that women love bad boys aka douchebags.

They say that women love guys with an edge. Guys that are a challenge.

Yes, that’s true. But having an edge or being challenging does not mean you have to be an A** about it.

I see so many guys that try to transform their personalities out of sheer frustration.

They get tired of being friend zoned. Tired of carrying the “nice guy” label.


So, what do they do?

They try to be the complete OPPOSITE of what they are.

They’ll use snide remarks as pickup lines. “Is that your REAL hair?” or “Your gut is poking through that shirt.”

They’ll act overly disinterested, completely ignoring a woman’s question or walking away from her to act “tough” and “cool.”

NONE of this works on DECENT women. It could get you somewhere with a female with low self esteem, but who wants that?

Women DO love confidence. Men who are secure about themselves. Show this instead. Show that you’re comfortable in your own skin and she’ll respond.


Cut the tough guy bull, because that’s all it is – BULL.

If you’re an introvert who’s scared of rejection, I know it can be hard to approach women. That’s why I recommend the Girlfriend Activation System.

See an amazing TRICK that gets women to approach YOU. Witness how to ensure that you’ll NEVER lose a girl’s interest again, and much more.


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