Mariah Carey “I Feel So Sorry For Kim Kardashian”

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Mariah Carey has joined the growing list of celebrities who are not impressed by the sight of Kim Kardashian’s oiled-up backside on Paper Magazine and here’s why she thinks Kim’s new photo is just plain “sad.”


A source connected to the 44-year-old diva tells HollywoodLife that she took one glimpse at Kim’s jaw-dropping booty pic and thought, “When you have no talent and no real career, the only thing you can really offer is your body. It’s sad, it is, but a girl has to do what a girl has to do. And if her man likes it and approves, so be it.”

The source also claims Mariah – who just got divorced from Nick Cannon – if for nothing, “prides herself on being accomplished and well-respected — that’s more than these new girls could ever say.”

But the actual question is does Nick, who once claim he slept with Kim, also approve? However, we know her husband, Kanye West did not only approve of Kim’s scandalous poses for Paper magazine, but he also showed up to cheer her on — and supervise — during her shoot with famed photographer Jean-Paul Goude. Do you agree with Her?


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