Will You Marry A Woman Richer Than You???

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Ladies and gentleman ,women are on the “come-up”… They are not settling for the low end jobs or for a man to make the households income. Women are actually getting the job done by any means necessary . In my mother’s days , a woman was to stay at home and do the house chores and raise the kids as her husband went to work . A woman was said to cook and clean and a man is said to work . Nowadays , women and men are providing for their family because economically a family cannot live off one income . So this puts a woman in a position to be the “breadwinner “. Woman go out to receive higher education which puts them in a position to make more money than their husbands . I wonder how do a married couple manage with the wife being the “breadwinner”.

Some men feel they are less of a man if they can’t provide for their family with their income alone . Does it make a woman more dominant if she makes the most money ? Some people think it does .

Some women were raised by single parents and they are taught to be independent . The young girl goes off to college because she has seen her mother struggle raising herself and her siblings on a low income job . She then later receives a high paying job.
Now the young girl probably have aspirations to be with a husband one day and have kids . In result , the man is too intimidated with her in dependency , that he refuse to date the girl. Men are intimidated of strong and independent woman .

I once dated an African guy , like last year and if you know anything about African males , they are very dominant . ( My opinion ) So me and the guy was on the phone one day and I told him that I wanted to buy my own house when I graduated from college . I told him that I didn’t see myself renting an apartment because It was a waist of money . He replied, “without marriage or kids ” . And I was like yes , and I told him , I don’t need a man and kids to buy a house . He told me these exact words , ” women wonder why men are so intimidated to approach them it’s because they make decisions like buying a house without a family. It doesn’t make sense for you to buy a house . So when you get married the man is going to move in your house . No , you should get an apartment and when you get married , you both should find a house together.” He said something like that .

I know this doesn’t coincide with everything I discussed but it does show you how men can feel intimidated when dating a independent women , who wants to accomplish things on their own .Now some may not agree with my African friend , but I understood where he was coming from . Some women get a little money and run the relationship because money is correlated to power . Men don’t tend to work well with dominant women so the relationship is at fault .

But a woman can make the most money yet humble enough to be in a relationship without being controlling . I guess there has to be balance. And it is up to that individual in that type of relationship to



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