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PLAY on your ex’s emotions – like a piano

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Hey man, Hey Lady!!!
Don’t you just love it when “truths” you’ve believed for years…

Turn out to be total myths.

Here’s one recent example…


“When your ex has been gone for months.

And they’re dating someone else.

It’s time to move on.

You can’t get them back.”


There’s actually a proven psychological formula…

For tapping into the primal human urges…

That can take any woman from…

“Hating” the sight of you…

To forgiving you…

And then begging… (often on their knees!)

For YOU to take THEM back…

Don’t think it’s possible?
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Combating Holiday Weight Shame

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Dances With Fat

You Forgot Your BullshitThe article “Tell Loved Ones They are Overweight This Christmas” is making the rounds again. I will not be linking to it because I have no interest in driving traffic there. I will say that should my loved ones take this advice the follow up article will be “I Told My Loved One She Is Overweight and She Told Me to Sit Down, Shut Up and Mind My Own Damn Business.”

The article says that in a poll of more than 2,000 people, 42% of 18 to 24-year-olds would not tell a loved one they should lose weight because of a fear they would hurt the other person’s feelings.

According to the article, this suggests that ” too many people shy away from the issue”.  According to me this proves that 42% of 18-24 year olds have common decency and/or realize that it is impossible for a fat person in…

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Bad-Girl Sex Tips

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All men secretly desire boundary-pushing action when they’re parking the pink bus in the fur garage! This holiday season, wake up that hibernating harlot within and shaboink him into oblivion.


Contort your facial expression so grotesquely that you look like you’ve warped the nerve endings in your face. With a little practice, you’ll resemble a mime choking on a large piece of steak. Alternate between sticking out your tongue and baring your teeth. Every time he looks at you, he should see another creature from The Twilight Zone having a stroke.


Substitute your garden variety moans and sighs with more enthusiastic calls of the wild. Squawk like a kangaroo high on PCP riding a rollercoaster.
For those of us who are well endowed, particularly if your breasts have a nice sag to them, try this: standing at the foot of the bed, put a hand under each breast, and start flapping them up and down while making silly cartoon noises.


The goal here is, when kissing, to actually try to eat his face OFF.  It should be horrifying, almost as if you’ve turned into a Headcrab from Half-Life. For added sensation, dehydrate yourself prior to a makeout session, so your tongue is as dry and abrasive as possible.  Deep kissing him will feel like a rough tongue Glove of Torture.


It’s the dirty dialogue that gives your bedroom romps an X-rating. Instead of the typical “I love the way your Baloney Baton feels in my Pish Flaps,” try some of these deliciously devilish suggestions:

-Replace the traditional “Oh God” with a lusty, “Hail, Satan!”

– Speak in a 30s style gangster voice. Think Edward G. Robinson in Little Caesar, and say something wicked such as,
“Supposin’ you put your penis in my tootie fruity, woulda-ya-say?”

Lean in close to his ear, and seductively whisper, “I wanna check you for ticks.”

– Scream aggressively, “DO ME, YOU RUBBER-DICKED FUCK GOD!” Accompany this with a forceful punch in the neck.

– Right before you go down on him, tantalize him by reciting the opening lines from Law and Order, with the words changed slightly:
“In the oral sex act, the participants are represented by two separate yet equally important body parts: the penis, who inserts the semen; and the mouth, who receives the semen. These are their stories.”

Follow this with a resounding, “Dun DUN!” the famous auditory sound effect, reminiscent of a jail cell door slamming.


Turn ordinary cunnilingus into his fight for life. This is particularly effective if your foo-foo bajingo reeks of a thousand cheeses. Actually mold as much flesh as you can over his mouth and nose like silly putty. You’ll know you’ve succeeded when he starts flailing his arms like a drowning man at sea.


Role-play and dressing up offer a unique fantasy aspect that can ignite passion, both visually and psychologically. Instead of the typical “sexy teenage enema nurse” or “underage cheerleader,” you should both dress up in Disney princess outfits. Have a tea party, and refer to him continuously as a “fancy lady.” While performing oral on him, make sure he asks your permission to have an orgasm. Tell him, ““So you want to cum? Well you’re going to have to ask politely, like a fancy lady.”


For full-on sex goddess status, consume an especially intestine-abusing meal, such as Mexican food. During 69, let a fart go, making sure your butthole is a scant one inch away from one of his nostrils. The fart will go directly into his brain. You’ve heard of a “Dutch Oven?” Well, mainlining a fart is known as the infinitely more powerful “Dutch Microwave.”

For extra sexy times, first insert a vibrating butt plug. Unclench those butt cheeks and let ‘er rip. No man can resist you after he sustains blunt force trauma from getting hit in the forehead by a high velocity, fart-propelled butt plug.


Arouse his inner Viking by urging him, “Hurt me, fucking hurt me!”
Hopefully he’ll get the idea. If he proceeds to the usual pulling of hair, light choking, and mild squeezing, scream, “Hurt me, you fucking pussy!”
If he turns it up only a notch, with a firmer choke and slapping your ass like you stole something from his Grandma, demonstrate by screaming:
“HURT ME LIKE THIS, YOU PIECE OF SHIT!” before full on head-butting the wall.


Have your man put a dog leash on you. Pretend his dick is a chew toy. Actually gnaw on his penis like a puppy chewing on a finger. Not hard enough to break the skin, but enough to leave teeth marks and bruises.


Play tigress and try some of these frisky positions:
The Alaskan Firedog: When switching to reverse cowgirl, kick him in the face.
The Cambodian Helicopter: In the missionary position, while bringing your legs up to wrap them around his torso, bring them all the way up and start slapping his face jowls with your feet.


When having on orgasm drop your voice down several octaves deeper than usual, and let out a manly war cry. Thrust your hips upward into a full bridge, arching your vagina to eye level. Scoot backwards in this position to the far edge of the bed. Then, in that deep booming voice yell, “DON’T TOUCH ME!” Twitch uncontrollably for 5-7 minutes.


Paint your face like a clown. Giggle like a mental patient and make the sound of “WHOOOP, WHOOOP!” As he makes passionate love to you, reach down behind the bed for your previously stored 2 liter bottle of Faygo soda. Shake this bottle like your life literally depends on it, then undo the cap so the shaken fizzy soda goes EVERYWHERE, especially all over him. Continue shaking it like you just won the NASCAR. When the bottle is completely empty, throw it to the side and let out another “WHOOOP, WHOOOP!” Throw up a pair of rock n roll devil horns, and proceed to slap him around like you’re meth-ed out trailer trash and he’s your 2-day late drug dealer.


Remember, it’s important to get aggressive when handling his penis. Squeeze his dick like a stress ball and treated his balls like play dough. He’ll have to cobble an erection together from his shattered dreams, and whatever porn he watched earlier that day. When he slides it in you with the gusto of someone plugging in their phone charger, you’ll know you’ve graduated to a Bad Girl!

Do you think it’s important to spice things up in bed? What are your sexytime favorites? Have you ever injured someone during sex? What’s your favorite episode of Law And Order?
Talk to me.  I’m listening. 


Longtime Smokers Lose a Decade of Life

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Adding to the arsenal of evidence that smoking is bad for you, a large new study indicates that lifetime smokers cut 10 years off their life expectancy — a decade they can gain back if they quit before age 35.

Using data from more than 200,000 Americans, researchers also found that the death rate for current smokers is three times as high as those who never smoked, with most of the extra deaths caused by smoking-related conditions such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, and respiratory diseases.

Experts hailed the study as landmark, noting that similar studies in the United States were done decades ago or on groups of people who didn’t represent the general population.

Learn more about this study and why it’s never too late to quit.


Ever Wondered How kim kardeshian looks Without Make-Up? See These Photos…

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Ever Wondered How kim kardeshian looks Without Make-Up? See These Photos…
On her way to gym yesterday, Kim Kardashian made a very rare public appearance without wearing any make-up. Taking off her sunglasses, she exposed her face completely when she ran into cameras and did not shy away from them.
She looks good even without make-up.



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Rihanna and Kim K are no doubt 2 of the most popular Celebrities in the world! They met recently at Rihanna’s first-ever Annual Diamond Ball at The Vineyard in Beverly Hills on Thursday night., both seem to be fond of eachother or is it just for the cam? Big Sean and Kris Jenner was also spotted at the event.




CONFIRMED: Nicki Minaj And Meek Mill Dating!

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Nicki Minaj who celebrated her birthday last week would be at the center of a new rumor. According to a popular website, the beautiful Nicki would be dating the rapper Meek Mill! Indeed, the rapper is a free man now, he got out of prison a few days ago, and while the new album of Nicki will be released soon, we learn that it contains two duets by both artists!

A few days from the release of “The PinkPrint”, Nicki Minaj revealed on the American radio Power 99FM an extract of what seems to be her next single featuring Meek Mill. The song is entitled “Big Daddy”, but according to the webzine, this cute nickname would be the same that Nicki gives to Meek Mill in real life!

On a recent comment, the site mentions that both rappers are well and truly together, and that the news will be revealed soon enough. While Meek Mill has just been released of prison, It’s party time on social networks as both rappers appear together on many pictures, and all we can say is that they look very happy, in particular when they interlace on a quad.