CONFIRMED: Nicki Minaj And Meek Mill Dating!

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Nicki Minaj who celebrated her birthday last week would be at the center of a new rumor. According to a popular website, the beautiful Nicki would be dating the rapper Meek Mill! Indeed, the rapper is a free man now, he got out of prison a few days ago, and while the new album of Nicki will be released soon, we learn that it contains two duets by both artists!

A few days from the release of “The PinkPrint”, Nicki Minaj revealed on the American radio Power 99FM an extract of what seems to be her next single featuring Meek Mill. The song is entitled “Big Daddy”, but according to the webzine, this cute nickname would be the same that Nicki gives to Meek Mill in real life!

On a recent comment, the site mentions that both rappers are well and truly together, and that the news will be revealed soon enough. While Meek Mill has just been released of prison, It’s party time on social networks as both rappers appear together on many pictures, and all we can say is that they look very happy, in particular when they interlace on a quad.



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