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6 Steps On How To Approach A Lady In Public And Win Her Heart

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Some men are naturally shy while some don’t even know how to start. The thing is, wooing a girl in public is simple and a lot easier than when she’s alone. Here, we have put this down to help you be a man, Lol. Read carefully to the end.

1. Make Eye Contact: [/b]If you see someone you’d like to meet, try to make eye contact before talking to her. Once you catch her eye, try to maintain eye contact. If you repeatedly make eye contact with someone, it could be a sign that she wants you to approach her. Three glances from a girl might signal that she’s interested. Why are eyes so powerful? Science seems to suggest that eye contact activates our brain’s reward center, the ventral striatum. What does this mean? Our DNA is telling us that someone staring at you is cause for celebration! Smile. A friendly smile is a great way to show someone that you’re interested in them. If she returns the smile, that’s a good sign that she might be interested. Once you’ve exchanged a few glances and a smile, check her body language. This will give you a better idea if she’s actually interested.

[b]2. Check Body Language: [/b]While reading another person’s body language, male or female, is NOT an exact science, there are definitely a few behaviors to look for that will signal that the person is not interested in engaging in conversation. Respect the girl’s right to be left alone. Is she facing away from you? Are her arms crossed? Is she listening to music, or reading a book? Is she frowning? Is she specifically looking away from you? While not perfect indicators, expressions and body language like this probably means leave her alone. Body language is not everything. Women are taught from childhood that they must be pleasant no matter what. If you are going to approach her, pay attention to how she reacts and what she says.

[b]3. Break The Ice: Start with a simple ice-breaker. Perhaps you are reading the same book, or you noticed she was wearing a shirt that has a band you like. Perhaps the bus is late and you can commiserate with her. If she doesn’t seem interested in talking, leave her alone. There are numerous ways to tell: not making eye contact, monosyllabic answers, looking around for some way out of the conversation. If she is interested she will make that clear: eye contact, smiling, sometimes leaning closer. Once you’ve approached and established that she’s interested, proceed to having a conversation.

4. Strike A Conversation: [/b]This might flow naturally out of your ice-breaker comment, but if not there are several ways to have a conversation. Ask her if she made her earrings/dress/other cool item. You could even say something like “I couldn’t help but noticing how your dress matches your eyes. It’s a great color.” It lets her know that you think she’s attractive without dwelling on her looks. Like anyone else, girls like to be appreciated for more than just their appearance. If you’re in a place like a bookstore or comic book store, ask her what her favorite book is. Be sure to listen when she speaks. You’ll find out more about her, have opportunities to further the conversation, and show her that you are interested in her as a person.

[b]5. Make Plans To Meet Again: If she seems interested and you are still interested, try and make plans for a future meet-up. Give her your phone number or email address. This way she feels in control of the situation. You’ll know for certain that she’s interested if she follows up. Ask for her phone number or email address. If she says no, leave it. She doesn’t owe you anything further, even if she did enjoy your company.Ask her on an instant date. Ask her if she wants to grab coffee somewhere. Always choose a public place for an instant date; you want her to feel comfortable. Have a coffee shop in mind if you do ask, or ask her if she knows a good place. That way she will feel in control of the situation.

6. Be Respectful: This is the absolute most important part of approaching a girl in public, or in any situation. If she is not interested back off. Remember, different girls have different tastes in guys, or no taste in guys. One girl might just feel that you’re not her type. However, there might be another girl out there who will think you’re awesome. Now that you’ve finished reading this, feel free to share on your social networks. Your friends will thank you for sharing this piece of info with them. Goodluck guys!



The First Love!!

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Can you remember how it Feels to love something at first? And how high u feel about the thing? It’s just like taking cocaine for the first time..
What made u love that thing so much?( Be it human or a thing)..
Have u ever scrolled through your inbox to see your old messages? And you ask your self the question ‘ where did it all went wrong?’
It happens to all humans.. we usually get tired of old things!! We want something spontaneous, something new, somethings to think about that makes us smile before we go to bed,
  Me, I want the same too.. that’s what you want too.. that’s what she wants, that’s what he wants..
  Even as Christians, we need d renewal of our spirit being.. why do we think we do the things of God in a short while and then back slide many distances? We keep doing the same thing… Pagans organise club party every week ends, why do Christians don’t organise picnic at least once a month? Let them get something new, something Fun!!
  Christians see church as a battle field and not a home for shelter.. Christianity is a religion of hardship ( minds of little Christian).. the knowledge of Fasting is a killer practice ( for little minded Christians)..
  The reason U love the church @ first it’s because you did something new for the first time…  Let the Head of churchs be Creative, be innovative and make the House of God a Home, Battle Field and All of her Members a great Family!!!!..
   What did you love before now and u feel it’s boring??? Talk to me, I’m listening!!!!


Unfaithful Partner Wants Another Chance

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Q: I have lived with my boyfriend for three years. Recently I discovered that he is cheating on me (again). I found a picture of another woman in his phone, and all the signs of infidelity are there.

Every time I try to talk to him about this issue he becomes very defensive and says very hurtful things to me. I almost left once before, but he persuaded me to stay and convinced me that he was faithful. I am prepared to leave him once again even though I love him deeply. I think it’s important to say that I did experience a severe medical crisis this year, and he was very supportive and loving as I recuperated.

In light of all this, should I forgive him and try to stay in the relationship? Please help.

A: It sounds like your partner was there for you when your health was suffering, and that’s very compassionate and considerate. However, it also sounds like he is routinely unfaithful to you, and the pain and the betrayal of infidelity cannot be wiped away simply because of his previous kindness. It also sounds like he lashes out at you when you try to confront him about his infidelity, and that’s often a sign of an unhealthy and potentially abusive relationship. Instead of owning up to his behavior, he goes on the offensive and tries to put the onus on you, and that’s both manipulative and counterproductive.

While it is possible to repair after an affair, it’s only possible if both partners are 100 percent committed to working on the relationship and rebuilding trust. It’s also crucial that your partner completely cuts off contact with his past flings and begins being completely honest and open with you. I’m not sure if this is something he is prepared to do, but if he is, I suggest you both consider going to therapy to help you rebuild your relationship. If you each are willing and ready to work on your relationship, you can move on from this betrayal. However, it will take time, effort, and honesty, but if you both commit to making it work, you can make your relationship even stronger than before.


Heartbreak Feels Like

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Heartbreak feels like horrible pains in your chest, like someone is stabbing you. And then crushing pressure. And you can’t breathe.

Heartbreak feels like you can’t stop crying.

Heartbreak feels like your stomach is twisted in knots and you can’t hold down any food.

Heartbreak feels like you pretended someone cared about you. Because you didn’t want to think about the alternative.

Heartbreak feels like finding the evidence of who they really loved.

Heartbreak feels like all the times they told you your writing was too long. That it bored them.

Heartbreak feels like your desire to write has been killed.

Heartbreak feels like you see all the times he read her work. And it’s so trivial, so nothing, it’s agony to wrap your brain around why he was so disinterested in your writing.

Heartbreak feels like a friendship you made up in your head. Because you needed a friend.

Heartbreak feels like everyone caring when you wrote your deepest secret. Except the one person whose shoulder you wanted to cry on.

Heartbreak feels like knowing you’re so fucked up no one will ever love you. You have been so damaged that no one wants to pick through the ruins of your life.

Heartbreak feels like a sled bumping into the back of your heels on a cold walk home at dusk. Crying because she forgot to pick you up and it’s winter and you’re not sure where you are.

Heartbreak feels like every birthday she never remembered.

Heartbreak feels like you’re afraid now to hit “publish.” Paralyzed because you realize nothing you’ve ever written is any good.

Heartbreak feels like your hands are shaking so much you took hours to type this.

Heartbreak feels like finding out your best wasn’t good enough. but someone else’s mediocre was a feast.

Heartbreak feels like it’s not just your heart. Your whole body feels broken.

Heartbreak feels like pushing away people who do love you.

Heartbreak feels like he wrote “that took my breath away” about her really bad poetry. And actually tasting your own vomit.

Heartbreak feels like she wrote a crappy, purposeless blog. And seeing him all over that blog. When he hasn’t read one of your posts. Not even the really funny ones.

Heartbreak feels like remembering how he approached you. Out of the blue. And wishing it never happened.

Heartbreak feels like your shoes are too tight. And letting your toes press hard against the inside front because if you tell her she’ll get angry that you need new ones.

Heartbreak feels like losing the only house you ever had. Because you grew up in a housing project. And having him say, “oh, you’ll bounce back.”

Heartbreak feels like he doesn’t even know it’s the only house you ever lived in. And that you grew up in a housing project. And that you won’t “bounce back.” Because he’s never read anything you’ve written.

Heartbreak feels like someone being mean to you when you’re at your lowest. When you just want them to hold you.

Heartbreak feels like you blew the chance of a lifetime. Many times.

Heartbreak feels like watching your best friend die of cancer.

Heartbreak feels like stealing stuff from your friends to buy drugs.

Heartbreak feels like a rhythm in your head that’s been playing since childhood: Love me, love me, love me, love me.

Heartbreak feels like you want to just get drunk and build a blanket fort, a personal video game sex fort. With hookers.

Heartbreak feels like you want to fuck all his friends.

Heartbreak feels like you probably will.

Heartbreak feels like you read everything he ever wrote. Because that’s what friends do.

Heartbreak feels like finally realizing, he’s not your friend.

Heartbreak feels like wanting someone to take care of you. Even for one day.

Heartbreak feels like realizing you have no idea what that even feels like.

Heartbreak feels like a rhythm that’s been playing in your head since the break up of your marriage: Alone, alone, alone, alone. Forever, forever, forever, forever.

Heartbreak feels like you were killed in your writing. And you’re not sure why.

Heartbreak feels like you know he thinks you’re “the crazy chick.”

Heartbreak feels like you’ve been in recovery from your childhood your whole adult life.

Heartbreak feels like you’re so exhausted from this. And understanding why you’re not worthy of love. It feels like this: empty empty empty empty.

Heartbreak feels like how he ridicules you for writing this. Because you have to expose every part of yourself, “down to the last blood cell.”

Heartbreak feels like getting beaten when you’re too young to fight back. And looking at your son’s small body and just thinking, “How?”

Heartbreak feels like getting raped in a shooting gallery on Avenue D. Because you deserved it.


Heartbreak feels like this: Over over over over.

Heartbreak feels like you can’t breathe. You cannot breathe. You have the evidence in front of your face of what you feared most and you cannot breathe. 


Heartbreak feels like you just found your kid’s journal. And he wrote yesterday, “Mom cried all day. She tried to hide it from me, but I’m not f***ing stupid.”

Heartbreak feels like your 11-year-old wrote “f***ing” in his journal.