The First Love!!

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Can you remember how it Feels to love something at first? And how high u feel about the thing? It’s just like taking cocaine for the first time..
What made u love that thing so much?( Be it human or a thing)..
Have u ever scrolled through your inbox to see your old messages? And you ask your self the question ‘ where did it all went wrong?’
It happens to all humans.. we usually get tired of old things!! We want something spontaneous, something new, somethings to think about that makes us smile before we go to bed,
  Me, I want the same too.. that’s what you want too.. that’s what she wants, that’s what he wants..
  Even as Christians, we need d renewal of our spirit being.. why do we think we do the things of God in a short while and then back slide many distances? We keep doing the same thing… Pagans organise club party every week ends, why do Christians don’t organise picnic at least once a month? Let them get something new, something Fun!!
  Christians see church as a battle field and not a home for shelter.. Christianity is a religion of hardship ( minds of little Christian).. the knowledge of Fasting is a killer practice ( for little minded Christians)..
  The reason U love the church @ first it’s because you did something new for the first time…  Let the Head of churchs be Creative, be innovative and make the House of God a Home, Battle Field and All of her Members a great Family!!!!..
   What did you love before now and u feel it’s boring??? Talk to me, I’m listening!!!!



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