What Women Want in a Man

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A new study has finally revealed what women really want in a man.

The study, performed by BroadLit, a new multimedia company that provides vintage and modern romance to women, surveyed more than 200 women to find the answers.

Here is what the survey showed:

Sense of humor.
Forget six-pack abs and private jets. The most important quality that a man can have is a sense of humor. According to the survey at TruLoveStories.com, 75 percent of women said that a man who could make them laugh held the key to their heart.

Flirting with others is less annoying than forgetfulness. When it comes to what women don’t like in a partner, the majority of survey respondents said that the most annoying thing their partner does is forget things! In fact, 33 percent chose the most frustrating issue with their partner to be: “He forgets most things I tell him.” Other minor issues include making or breaking plans without advance notice, as well as flirting with other women.

Communication . The survey also found men who were “slobs” were a source of annoyance to women. They also didn’t like it when men opted to spend time with “the guys” instead of sharing quality time with them.
The survey results are informative, and they show the important role that communication plays in a relationship. Women hated feeling as though their partner forgot things, and this common issue is about more than just simple forgetfulness like leaving the lights on or losing the car keys. It’s more about women feeling as though their partners aren’t listening to them. When a man isn’t present and tuned in to what a woman is asking or telling him, it can be more than just frustrating, it can make the woman feel invisible or unimportant.

The survey also showed that women crave quality time with their partners. While time spent with friends is important, a man who spends more time with “the guys” than with his partner can make her feel like she’s on the bottom of his to-do list. Essentially, the key to a woman’s heart seems to be making her feel important and valued, whether it’s by listening to what she has to say (and remembering it!), or by spending time with her instead of running out to watch the game every night. Similarly, by tidying up after himself or giving her advance notice when he wants to change weekend plans, a man shows that he is considering his partner’s feelings and taking into account her needs and desires.

Hence, it seems that most women simply want a man who will treat her with respect and appreciation. Oh, and a great sense of humor helps too! 



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