What Your Sleep Position Says About Your Relationship

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How do you and your partner like to sleep? Do you spoon or do you keep to your own side of the bed? Do you find yourself drifting off as you face one another or do you prefer to face the wall?

A new study by University of Hertfordshire psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman has found a link between couples’ sleeping habits and their relationship quality. According to the study findings, couples have a wide range of sleeping behavior. Some sleep side by side, others back to back, and others face the opposite wall. Only a small percent of couples sleep facing one another (maybe they are afraid of morning breath!).

The study also found that couples who spend the night in some type of contact with one another (whether stroking, spooning, or cuddling up next to their spouse) were much more likely to report being happy together. Ninety-four percent of these couples reported high relationship satisfaction, as opposed to 66 percent of couples who slept more than 30 inches apart and never touched during the night.

Of course, snuggling and sleep don’t always go hand-in-hand. But the good news is that you and your partner can still reap the benefits of an intimate night’s sleep. Try spending at least some time snuggling in bed together, even if it’s before you drift off to sleep. Try to keep the T.V. off (or out of the bedroom entirely) and instead catch up on your day or do some light reading. Give each other massages or simply kiss and touch quietly as you unwind.

Next, make your bedroom more conducive to sleep and sex. Update your bedroom décor and make it a place that feels seductive and relaxing. Keep the work clutter and laundry in another room, and banish any pictures of Grandma hanging over the bed. Think of it this way: If it doesn’t contribute to sleep, rest, or sex, it doesn’t belong in your sanctuary!

Lastly, practice good sleep hygiene. Go to sleep at the same time each night and get in a good routine that works for both of you, even on the weekends. And, make an effort to be a little more hands-on during the night, whether that means gently scratching your partner’s back or maybe initiating something a little more R-rated. It’s your downtime…make the most of it!


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