Dear Ladies See Reasons Why You Should Avoid Claiming You Are Virgins

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  was motivated to come up with this write-up by the comments of the ladies on a thread I dropped yesterday. I was so amazed when about 95% of ladies claimed they were virgins. The importance of virginity cannot be overemphasized any time any day and it’s a thing everyone should endeavour to keep for reasons best known to you. The rate at which our ladies claim virgin these days is so alarming and i just shake my head in disdain when I see them use it as a leverage to show purity thereby making others feel intimidated
I personally believe virginity shouldn’t be a showcase of holiness or a display of egoistic attitude. When you still have your virginity, it’s for your own good and NOT for the benefit of the nation 

When guys still have their virginity, hardly would their friends know because they will never show it off, rather they try to hide and pretend they are also BADOOs in order not to be ridiculed or laughed at. Guys you know that feeling when you claim you are a virgin in the midst of 50 guys.. Greatest height of bashing.. Hehehe
Note: Don’t get this post twisted because this is NOT an attempt to urge those who still have theirs to give it out, so if your comprehension skill is poor pls kindly read all over as many times as possible or better still, ask someone with a better comprehension skill to explain it to you.

1. It’s Your Pride Which Other Will Not Benefit From

I was shocked when a lady on my previously created thread was just blabbing ” IT’S MY PRIDE & I’M RESERVING IT FOR MY HUSBAND” I mean whose pride should it be ? My own pride ? Smh In as much as your virginity is only for your own good, then why advertise it to the world because you want them to worship or adore you?
2. You Lose Your Respect

Personally, I love virgins so much and I would really like to have one for myself but my love for a lady head on diminishing return if she claims being a virgin on a public forum. Many ladies claim virgins just to show to people that they are s*xually disciplined and pure.

3. Your Friend Start Watching Your Movement

If you live in school hostel you should know what I’m talking about. Ladies in the hostel don’t like when you pride yourself probably because you still have your virginity, that is, when they talk about se x you keep mute, when they talk about their boyfriends you keep mute because you want to show holiness. This trigger jealousy and they start watching your movement and the moment you are spotted playing a dirty game, they would mock you to the extent that you would feeling like packing out of the hostel.

4. It Shows You Are Immature

A mature lady doesn’t announce her virginity, she rather keeps quiet. She talks and mingle with those who have lost theirs without discriminating., Only an immature lady would squeeze their like face as if she has yoyo bitters in their mouths the moment se x discussion comes up.

Some readers might bad mouth me on this …lol what’s your comment ?


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