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6 Ways to Deal with His Female Friends

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Every lady would feel completely unsafe and insecure if she knew that her boyfriend has female friends. It is too hard not to be jealous in such a situation. After all, we hate sharing with others, especially if we are talking about relationships.

Being considered a control freak is awful; however, there are a few useful tips for you to follow in order to learn to deal with your partner’s female friends. Control the situation, but be smart and go unnoticed by doing the following things:

Three women outdoors at a party with champagne smiling
Three women outdoors at a party with champagne smiling

1. Hang out with her
If you don’t want to meet one-on-one with her, you can invite this girl to hang out with you, your boyfriend and other friends. In case she has a boyfriend, you can also invite him. You will see what she acts like when she’s around your boyfriend. Be sure to pay more attention to her body language, it will certainly give it away.

2. Be yourself
If you have to deal with your boyfriend’s female friends, by all means do all possible to get rid of tension and discomfort. It can be somewhere deep inside, however your behavior and the way you act might betray you. Simply relax and be yourself. Understand that you are dealing with a friend, not a lover. It is you whom he loves

3. Phone calls and messages
If your beloved receives phone calls from a female friend and you want to know more about that person, just go ahead and ask him to tell you about her. Do not torment yourself by negative thoughts. That girl might be his colleague or a female friend who is already married or has her own partner. He might even trust you enough to let you read his text messages from other women.

4. Stop worrying
Pay attention to the way your boyfriend/husband treats the woman you are worrying over. If she is treated by him just like a good buddy or a male friend, then there is no need to get nervous. If you do not notice any flirting between them, then be sure that you have a loyal partner. Do not ruin your relationship with unnecessary suspicion. No matter how attractive the lady might look to you, he has chosen you to be his beloved.

5. Express yourself
The quickest way to find out whether there is something suspicious going on between you and your boyfriend’s female friend is to talk to him about the problem. Let him know how you feel and ask him to explain the moments that seem to be unclear to you. Give proofs of your suspicion if any. It is absolutely normal to talk about such issues.

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6. Do not pay attention
You cannot make the person disappear. However, you can always ignore those whom you dislike. Do not pay attention to your partner’s female friends. If they irritate you, never let them know about that. Be neutral, but never rude. As long as he is with you remember that you are more important to him than any other woman.


Why a Great Relationship Is Worth Waiting For

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Waiting for love can be frustrating, but in the end, there is no rushing “happily ever after.”

Does it sometimes feel like you’re the only single woman left on the planet (at least within your group of friends)? When dating disillusionment hits, it’s time to pick yourself up by your stiletto-heeled bootstraps and remember some of the reasons why the right relationship is worth waiting for. Ready?

You know what you want. Falling in love right out of college is great, but it doesn’t give people much time to figure out who they are and what they want out of life. When you wait until you are older, you have a much clearer idea of who you are and what you crave in a partner.

Your experience allows you to make an informed decision when it comes to most aspects of any relationship, including planning a perfect wedding. You’ve no doubt been to (or in) enough weddings at this point to know the mistakes to avoid — in other words, you won’t be doing an e-mail survey of your friends about china patterns. You may even be confident enough to bag the wedding thing altogether and do something crazy — like elope!

You’re older and wiser. Having not found someone early in life, you run a lesser chance of you and your partner growing apart, or of being totally sick of each other by the time you’re 40. Good news for your future marriage!

You haven’t settled. You deserve to get what you want, and if you have to hold out for it, then so be it. Settling for a relationship that’s only so-so is selling yourself short, and it’s a recipe for a failed marriage. The right guy is out there — and that relationship is worth the wait.

You still get to look forward to that sensational moment of finding the one. You don’t know who, you don’t know when, and you don’t know where. Now that’s pretty exciting!

You have your voice. When you get hitched at a young age, it’s easy to get pushed around by your bossy older sister or your domineering mother-in-law. When you are older, you discover that you have a voice and that you aren’t afraid to use it — and you certainly aren’t afraid to tell your mother that there is no way she is dictating the reception dinner menu.

You know the grass isn’t always greener. After years of being single, you will be prepared to commit to your partner wholeheartedly. You will appreciate the value of true love and companionship, and you will be willing and ready to put in the effort necessary to keep your relationship on track.

You know how to take care of yourself. Whenever your partner goes out of town or you are confronted with a difficult situation, you will be able to care for yourself without any trouble.

Good things are worth waiting for. You waited for true love, instead of settling and suffering in an unhappy relationship. What’s better than that?

There’s truth to the notion that good things come to those who wait. Keep your mind and heart open to the prospect of love, and you’re bound to eventually find the partner of your dreams, perhaps even in the most unexpected of places. In the meanwhile, enjoy what life has to offer. After all, what’s the rush?

What Your Sleep Position Says About Your Relationship

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How do you and your partner like to sleep? Do you spoon or do you keep to your own side of the bed? Do you find yourself drifting off as you face one another or do you prefer to face the wall?

A new study by University of Hertfordshire psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman has found a link between couples’ sleeping habits and their relationship quality. According to the study findings, couples have a wide range of sleeping behavior. Some sleep side by side, others back to back, and others face the opposite wall. Only a small percent of couples sleep facing one another (maybe they are afraid of morning breath!).

The study also found that couples who spend the night in some type of contact with one another (whether stroking, spooning, or cuddling up next to their spouse) were much more likely to report being happy together. Ninety-four percent of these couples reported high relationship satisfaction, as opposed to 66 percent of couples who slept more than 30 inches apart and never touched during the night.

Of course, snuggling and sleep don’t always go hand-in-hand. But the good news is that you and your partner can still reap the benefits of an intimate night’s sleep. Try spending at least some time snuggling in bed together, even if it’s before you drift off to sleep. Try to keep the T.V. off (or out of the bedroom entirely) and instead catch up on your day or do some light reading. Give each other massages or simply kiss and touch quietly as you unwind.

Next, make your bedroom more conducive to sleep and sex. Update your bedroom décor and make it a place that feels seductive and relaxing. Keep the work clutter and laundry in another room, and banish any pictures of Grandma hanging over the bed. Think of it this way: If it doesn’t contribute to sleep, rest, or sex, it doesn’t belong in your sanctuary!

Lastly, practice good sleep hygiene. Go to sleep at the same time each night and get in a good routine that works for both of you, even on the weekends. And, make an effort to be a little more hands-on during the night, whether that means gently scratching your partner’s back or maybe initiating something a little more R-rated. It’s your downtime…make the most of it!

Can a Breakup Threaten Your Faith in God?

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Breakups are incredibly painful. Whether you are divorcing a partner of 10 years or breaking up with a new love after just a few short months, losing a relationship can be incredibly traumatic. Many people find themselves wallowing in grief and turning to outlets such as alcohol, food, or casual sex as a way to fill the void inside of them.

Recent research has shown that breaking up can actually cause people to feel real pain. One study, which was performed at the University of Michigan, found that romantic rejection triggers the same part of the brain that is associated with sensing physical pain such as a toothache or a headache.

And, now, a new study from the Stanford Graduate School of Business has found that relationship strife can even test one’s religious faith. The researchers asked couples of all different religious backgrounds (such as Christians, Muslims, and Hindus) about their spiritual faith. They then warned the participants that their relationship might be in trouble and that every individual has secrets from their spouse. At the end, they then asked people to again rate their feelings on God and faith.

Their findings were quite interesting. People who had high self-esteem reported feeling closer to God after hearing the threatening scenario about their relationship, while people with low self-esteem felt just the opposite.

The researchers were quite intrigued because it reveals that people with higher self-worth and confidence seem to bounce back from life’s crises better than people who have a lower outlook. Rather than feeling isolated or betrayed, people with high self-esteem turned inward for strength and connection, such as to their faith and to their relationship with God.

The same is true even for people who aren’t believers. Rather than wallowing in pain and isolation, people with high self-esteem might reach out to friends or family after a bad breakup, or they might find a release in going to the gym or attending therapy.

Ultimately, the study is important because it shows that handling breakups differs greatly from person to person. Some people are able to bounce back better after a breakup because they know how to practice self-care, and they have a strong sense of self-worth and connection to the external world and the spiritual world. People without such resources might find themselves much harder hit by a breakup, which ironically will only further lower their self-esteem and faith.

All in all, it’s a good reminder not to isolate yourself during a difficult breakup or during times of relationship strife. The more you can stay connected to your friends, your family, or your faith, the better you will be able to weather the storm and take care of yourself during this difficult time. Breaking up is never easy, but with a good support system, you can make it through and find love again